When hiring your swimming pool contractor, it is important that you trust in them and their company completely as there are many components from the back-end that a homeowner must ensure are done correctly and legally so that there are no repercussions. One of these important things are swimming pool permits. When building a swimming pool, not only do you have permits from the state and city, but also your Home Owners Association (HOA).

First it is important to note that there are different types of homes. These range from zero-lot line to single-story home, where you have property on both sides. Each type of these homes have different requirements and setbacks. It is important to decipher from the beginning the differences between the HOA and the building departments so that you have no issues once you start building. HOA and building department can both have different approvals and setbacks.

One of the important factors of permits come with safety requirements as a part of building your pool. This can include, but is not limited to, having a child safety fence, a fence around your property with window and door alarms approved by building department, a pool cover or a screen enclosure. These are all to help in preventing drownings and other accidents. Additionally, alarms must be approved and placed on the access areas to the pool. It is important to note that they must be 54 inches or higher.

Not only are the safety features on the outside of the pool important, but so are the ones inside the pool. These can include things such as approvals of pipe size, flow and main drain. There also has to be access to exit the deep end of the pool whether it is a ladder or steps. Lastly, any raised walls or elevations, must have hand holes.

Generally, in South Florida, permits take around 4-5 weeks and it is important to note that you cannot expedite these permits. The above just touches on some of the areas of pool permitting, but Treasure Pools is sure to stay up-to-date with all permitting procedures so that your swimming pool is completed quickly and in line with all of the permits. Stop by our showroom today to learn more about the various types of permits required in South Florida.

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