Labor Day may look a bit different this year as we still steer through this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make the best out of it. One of the main benefits we tend to forget about taking some time and being outdoors is the benefit of Vitamin D to your body and immune system. We can argue now more than ever that soaking up the sun and some fresh air can be vital. In addition, swimming is a great form of exercise and can also help you to relieve added stress.

Just because there may be social distancing guidelines in place, you can still enjoy backyard activities with your loved ones. These can include pool games, relaxing and even a BBQ. Experts share that distancing in these outdoor settings is really the key to minimizing the transmission. Ensuring that your guest list includes those within your ‘bubble’ is another safe way to enjoy your backyard during Labor Day. Being outdoors allows you to more easily maintain your distance. As an extra precaution have sanitizing stations set up and offer guest masks if there should need to be multiple people indoors are a time. Most importantly, make sure that you and your guests feel comfortable in the environment during these times. Each person is different and if the situation doesn’t feel right, then it is okay to leave.

For more information, the CDC has released specific guidelines as they relate to swimming pools. Read more here.

Stay safe and have a happy Labor Day!