Lately, we have been discussing great ways to utilize your swimming pools to stay in shape as Summer approaches. Resistance is always a great work out technique and now you can incorporate this exact exercise platform into your swimming pools. Homeowners are doing this with Baudi jets, or more popularly known as swim jets. This system is powered by a four-horse power pump that is connected to the jet system. Through this pump, two streams are pulsated out on each side of you causing great resistance while you are completing your swimming pool work out.

Now don’t take this work out lightly, this work out proves to be a great source of exercise and requires strong athletic ability. However, these currents are adjustable and swimmers can adjust these currents to fir their personal preferences. This exercise will not only help improve your athletic technique, but will also increase your upper body strength. shared some useful tips as to how to get the best results out of resistance swimming. Take a look at the tips here:

Switch up your work out routines and be pleasantly surprised by the results you get! There are many options as to how homeowners can take advantage of this technique. You can update your current swimming pool, add to a jacuzzi or build in a smaller size pool with these jets. Make sure to contact Craig Cohen from Treasure Pools and Services to see what option is best for you.