Labor Day is just around the corner and is considered the official wrap up of Summer. What better way to end the summer then with a fun Labor Day pool party! In the spirit of the holiday, the most important thing about this holiday is to take a day off, kick back and enjoy a relaxing time in your swimming pool.

For this holiday or any others, it’s always the most important to ensure you have an enjoyable environment for you and your guests. When hosting, it’s great to have all these things ready to go with your customized backyard before the party even happens. Treasure Pools is not just only available to assist in building or remodeling your swimming pool, but also there to help create your dream backyard environment. You may not be ready now to install an outdoor kitchen or create the ideal setting with some new landscaping, but we urge you to take a step back and think how we can help you create your backyard sanctuary for a lifetime of unforgettable pool parties. Meanwhile, for this upcoming holiday we are happy to share some of our pool party entertaining ideas.

With these very hot temperatures this summer, you want to make sure that all of your guests are hydrated. Have water and other beverages available at various locations (for easy access to all guests). For your 21+ crowd, we always love to enjoy a nice cold beer or frozen piña colada that really sets the mood for a great party! Another fun option is to offer a special welcome cocktail as guests arrive.  Depending on the length of your party, it is always great to have food available too. You can get as innovative as you want with your menu. Try something light like shrimp and vegetable skewers or bring out the grill for a full on BBQ. For one final touch, arrange a little grooming station in the bathroom with lotions, bottles of sunscreen and towels. That way, your guests can freshen up after a dip and feel right at home.

Most importantly, make sure to enjoy yourself, your swimming pool and all of your family and friends! Have a safe and happy Labor Day from the Treasure Pools family.

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