Halloween is just around the corner and the kids (and adults) are already working on their party plans! If you are uncertain about what to do and want to avoid any chaos, throwing a party at your own home is one option. Luckily for us living in South Florida, we have the option to do a backyard get together and even incorporate your swimming pool! You have the sun and scare all packaged up in one to give you the perfect Halloween pool party.

When it comes to decoration, we love the idea of LED lights. We talk about adding these to a new or existing swimming pool and here is an instance where they can come in handy. Add some lighting in and around your pool to give off a spooky aura. You can adjust the colors of the lights you have or add some new permanent or temporary fixtures. If you don’t want to go all the way by adding some light fixtures, adding some dye to your water is another way to maintain that spooky aura without making such a permanent commitment. Also, another fun touch you can do is to add floating lights in any shape or size to your pool. Check out ChillLite Pool & Patio Lighting for some fun and creative ways to add lighting to your pool and deck.

Once you have decorated your swimming pool, it is now time to move to your deck, patio and backyard. Where to begin? How about spider webs, witches, skeletons or grave stones? All of these add a little extra Halloweenspirit to your backyard area. Hang the spider webs across your patio furniture and the skeletons and witches across the entrances to your deck. Make sure to include the grave stones in the lawn or throughout the deck so your guests can feel the chill anywhere they go. Additional touches such as fog machines or strobe lights can also really give off that supernatural effect. Finally, a Halloween party is not complete without a costume party. Encouraging people to dress up is a theme in its own. Remember, be safe, creative and have a fun Halloween!