Thanksgiving is upon us and we have a lot to be thankful for! We have many homeowners with new swimming pools, remodeled ones or ones to come. This year, we are taking Thanksgiving outdoors! As we have discussed, there are many ways to build out your backyard area that suits your needs. For those that love to entertain, here we share a few options that may work well for you during Thanksgiving and the rest of the year.

Having an outdoor kitchen is one of our favorites. This allows you to seamlessly pull together an amazing experience for you and guests. By having a custom kitchen that can have everything from a wine cooler to custom countertops or even a rotisserie, hosting guests is no problem. Use this area as your home base when you are outdoors allowing you to enjoy as much time with your guests as possible. When it comes to decorating, first you will need to ensure how many people you have attending. For large parties, pot luck is always a great option. Having extra countertops is something you will surely be thankful about! For the actual decor, find what means the most to you. Some people enjoy an elaborate table setting while others prefer showcasing their style with a theme. The theme can be based off a color palette, a specific part of Thanksgiving and more.

From Treasure Pools, we cannot say how thankful we are for our extended family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.