What is a sun shelf? There are many names in which this feature can be known as such as baja shelf or sun ledge. When adding a sun shelf to your swimming pool is a great way to create an additional area for relaxation and fun. A sun shelf is usually a flat, shallow area that is near the steps of your pool. There are many reasons why homeowners may incorporate this feature to their swimming pool.

A soothing sun shelf can be created for those that may want to cool off, but not completely submerge themselves in the water. It’s a safer way to watch children play in a shallow area or tan and lounge in a chair situated on the ledge while staying cool. This feature can be adding in during new construction and also during renovations or resurfacing. Sun shelves are also very popular amongst resort-style swimming pools which can be featured in commercial and hotel settings, but also can easily be added to residential swimming pools. When adding this feature, you need to determine what additional components you may want to include. You can add in an area to have an umbrella and chairs, fountains or jets, fun tile and even determine if you want to finish off the shelf with a non-skid material – which can be great for children.

Sun shelves have become increasingly popular in South Florida. Contact us today to learn more about incorporating this feature to your swimming pool.

Pool with Sun Shelf