Whether you choose to enclose your swimming pool is up to your discretion, but here we go over some of the options available to you if you should want to add a screen enclosure. In South Florida, it is important to have the proper insurance as our area is prone to storms and hurricanes. There are many reasons homeowners should consider adding a screen. In the extremely hot summer days and all those in between, having a screen will help in keeping things cooler. The enclosure helps with sun protection as well resulting in fewer sunburns. As a homeowner, having a screen also helps with the maintenance of the pool. The screen protects debris and other object from constantly entering the pool. Additionally, it is an added safety barrier that can help protect young children from entering the area not supervised.

Of course you can’t forget the sense of style with your enclosure. You are already creating your dream backyard and should ensure the screen enclosure fits into that vision. The older style of screens were bulky, but there are new options that do not obstruct your view. Today, many homeowners are using picture frame screens or roll-up screens. With a picture frame screen, it means that there are no bars or other areas that obstruct your view. This is especially great if you have an amazing water, golf or nature view that you like to enjoy. With roll-up screens, you can simply press a button and roll up the screens to the top essentially creating an option that allows you to use the screens when you should desire. You can use these as dividers or throughout your whole screen area.

There are a lot of options and our trusted team wants to ensure that you find the best one for you and your pool. Stop by our showroom today to learn more!