Having a swimming pool is a great start to creating your own oasis right in your own backyard. When it comes to your pool, there are plenty of ways to optimize this space. You can achieve this by including additional add-ons such as slides, waterfalls and features, LED lights and many more. All of these things will add to the aesthetics of your swimming pool along with having a blast right in your own backyard.

For those of us based in South Florida, shade is imperative during those hotter months. We all want our guests to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure that there is always somewhere cooler with some shade that these guests can head to if they need to cool down. Depending on where you live, these options could differ. Homeowners with larger land lots may be fortunate enough to use the existing trees as a source of natural shading. Other homeowners that may not have as much natural foliage will have to invest in more permanent coverage by way of things such as large umbrellas, gazebos or even building a covered deck. There are plenty of options and our team is here to help find what is best for you.

Another mainstay add-on for inground pools is LED pool lights. They are versatile, yet still, allow you to update the design of your pool in a costly manner. These lights give you the ability to increase the style of your swimming pool while adding something that is highly functional. Guests can even enjoy swimming at night in a safer, more visible environment. Adding lights around entry or sitting points in the pool can provide also more safety for swimmers.

Lastly, some of the additional ways that Treasure Pools can add extra value to your backyard is by creating a new deck, adding waterfall feature, swim caves, or even a spa. Other small touches can include custom mosaics. Treasure Pools works directly with Custom Mosaics, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality porcelain and ceramic tiles and high-performance Aqua Decals. Contact us today to learn more about what may be the right options for you.

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