When designing your swimming pool, there are several aspects to consider. One style that our clients have loved for many years is the infinity edge pool. Treasure Pools is certified in building and remodeling these sort of swimming pools. The installation is a little tricky, but we ensure that the Treasure Pools’ team knows the ins and outs of these pools.

Also known as a vanishing edge, infinity pools are often used in homes that are near the water or have some sort of level change in their backyard. These swimming pools really give off the gorgeous illusion that there is no edge.

When it comes to adding an infinity edge to your swimming pool, it can be costly. One cost-saving factor to be taken into consideration is when you are selecting your pump system. Our Treasure Pools team shares that a two-pump system is the best route to take. Also, there is a lot of evaporation that happens with these pools that homeowners don’t even necessarily know or think about. In order to assure that this doesn’t happen, Treasure Pools also recommends putting in an autofill. This autofill will automatically make sure that your water level is always correct and accurate without you having to do physically do anything or always be on the lookout. This autofill really cuts back on your maintenance.

Another addition to your design can be adding in a hot tub or a spa. A hot tub is usually standalone whereas a spa can be built into the swimming pool. You can get creative with the design and make it as simple or elaborate as you please. A spa or hot tub can be added to an existing pool or during new construction. Some examples of a spa include a naturalistic spa where you incorporate aspects of the backyard or a spillover spa, which is more of your classic design.

As there are so many options, our team at Treasure Pools is there to help share what options may be best for you and your backyard.

Vanishing Pool and Perimeter Pool