Treasure Pools has two concentrate areas: new pool construction and pool refurbishing and remodeling. When it comes to remodeling, there are different routes a homeowner can go and things to consider.

Technology is one of the most current trends that our team follows and is an area you should explore during your remodel. One of our favorite options still remains to be the Jandy®‘s AquaLink®Touch technology. Jandy®‘s AquaLink®Touch is a high-performance smart control system that delivers best-in-class functionality for all your outdoor automation needs. This powerful, intuitive device integrates premium design ingenuity, style, and functionality for the ultimate automation experience. This new technology literally gives you the power to control your entire backyard at your fingertips! The AquaLink®Touch has tons of features all packed into a sleek, lightweight frame.

Another mainstay is LED pool lights and incorporating them into your remodel. They are versatile, yet still allow you to update the design of your pool in a costly manner. These lights give you the ability to increase the style of your swimming pool while adding something that is highly functional. Guests can even enjoy swimming at night in a safer, more visible environment. Adding lights around entry or sitting points in the pool can provide also more safety for swimmers.

If you are looking to resurface your actual pool, Treasure Pools has three different techniques that his clients can choose from. These include are Diamond Brite, Pebble Technology or an aggregate for pool remodeling, which gives you numerous alternative options. Because each client has different needs in this area, it is best to consult with your sales representative directly to receive a personal evaluation and estimate.

Lastly, we always talk about taking your renovation outside of your actual swimming pool. Some of the ways that Treasure Pools specializes in this is for is a by creating a new deck, adding some waterfalls, swim caves, or even a hot tub and spa. Other small touches can include custom mosaics. Treasure Pools works directly with Custom Mosaics, the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality porcelain and ceramic tiles and high performance Aqua Decals.

Come by our newly remodeled showroom today to see how we can revamp your backyard.

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