Technology has allowed us to think about the way build and maintain our swimming pools. Many of our clients have opted for energy-efficient and eco-friendly options during the construction process. Some homeowners may have the misconception that this is something that takes a lot of time and/or effort, but there are really simple ways to be sustainable and even save time and money!

Although it is usually always quite warm in Florida, many homeowners like to know that their pool will always be ready to swim in. The best eco-friendly option to heat your pool is with a solar heating system. With this system, your pool is able to jump up a good 10 to 12 degrees in the difference of water temperature. Naturally, when the sun goes down the heating system shuts off. However, the best part about this is that there is no continuous electric or energy bill to go along with this heating system. Another option is to purchase a swimming pool cover which allows your swimming pool to store the heat that is already in there. Sometimes, homeowners may not want to deal with this due to the labor that goes into removing the cover. However, if you see this being an issue you will benefit by buying a cover that you can work with easily so that you will use it consistently and stay green.

A pool pump is something that all swimming pools must have. The best green option for a pump is a variable-speed pool pump. This pump runs more efficiently by using less energy compared to your traditional one-speed pump. Many owners of these newer variable-speed pool pumps are not only enjoying the cut down in costs, but also in noise as they seem to be a lot quieter.

Aside from the benefit you are providing to the environment by using more eco-friendly options for your swimming pool, you will also be saving money in the long term. Homeowners in South Florida have been switching over components of their pools to be more sustainable due to the year-round pool usage. Payback time is only estimated to be around a year and a half and with a pool being a permanent investment; this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! If we all take a little initiative, starting with our own backyard swimming pool, then we are all able to make a big difference in this world and help keep the planet green. Remember, there is always a greenway.

Contact us if you are interested in building a pool, our team can help you step-by-step to make the right decisions for your dream pool!