Safety is the most important thing when it comes to actually enjoying your swimming pool. You can never be too prepared and parents should not be fooled into thinking that their child, or someone else child, is safe just because she/he knows how to swim. In a lot of fatal cases, accidents happened even though the child knew how to swim and very quickly. It is very important that all parents follow basic safety precautions especially if there is a swimming pool at your home.

County officials stated that these drownings can be easily prevented with the proper supervision and swim instruction. Children are never too young to start learning how to swim and about the proper safety steps. Kids can be taught as young as 6 months old. South Florida has a ton of institutions that provide swimming lessons, such as the YMCA.

Just like the rest of the family, dogs generally enjoy swimming too! As a homeowner, you should not only make sure that your pool is safe for your family but also your pets. First off, you want to make sure that your dog feels comfortable in the water. Make sure to ease them into the water, as they may be initially scared. Not all dogs like the water and that is okay. Next, make sure your chemicals are well balanced. Having your chemicals balanced ensures that your pet’s skin and eyes do not get irritated (also same for children). Dogs shed regularly and this doesn’t stop when they are in the pool. Not all the hair will go to the skimmer, so it is always good to be sure that your dog’s coat is trimmed to avoid blockages or additional issues.

Make sure that all children are supervised when swimming with dogs and have them alert you immediately if any scratches – we know that dogs can have sharp nails. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed and as short as possible to avoid any accidental scratches with your children. Lastly, for the sake of any child or pet, ensuring that your pool is properly protected with a fence or pool cover is key. We cannot say enough that accidents often happen very quickly and when you would least expect it. Stay prepared and happy swimming!