Swimming pools make up a large part of the South Florida community. Many of us either have them as a part of our homes or use them on a regular basis. Being that they are such an integral part of Floridians daily lives it is important that we decipher what are some of the facts and myths around pools. We generally discuss construction and various design components of swimming pools, but here we touch upon safety and staying healthy thanks to Healthypools.org. Here they share some of their top myths and the actual facts. We hope these swimming pools facts help to make your swimming days happy and healthy!

1. Myth: When I get read eyes while swimming, it me ands there there is too much chlorine in the water.
Fact: Red and itchy eyes are usually caused by improper pH or high chloramine levels. Surprisingly, the pool may actually need additional chlorine treatment to get rid of chloramines and sanitize the water.

2. Myth: Clear pool water means clean pool water.
Fact: Actually, microorganisms can be present even in pools that appear clean. Make sure to use all your senses; sight, smell and touch, to sense whether you are swimming in a healthy pool.

3. Myth: All germs that can cause illness are immediately killed by standard pool cleaning chemicals, such as chlorine.
Fact: Chlorine kills germs that can cause illness in pool water, but it takes time. While chlorine eliminates most within minutes, some germs such as Cryptosporidium can survive in a properly treated pool for days.

These are just a few myths corrected by the proper facts, so it is most important to always take your own precautions to ensure that you are swimming in a safe and healthy environment. Treasure Pools and Services also offers a chemical service program to ensure that your swimming pool is chemically maintained at all times. Call us to learn more about this affordable service.