Maintenance is a very important part of your swimming pool. The best way to keep your pool clean, is by maintaining if on a regular basis. We all love that sparkling blue water that a well-kept pool gives off and with some simple tips, your pool can always looks as good as new.

When it comes to swimming pool cleaners, there are typically three categories that these cleaners can be broken into. Suctions side cleaners, pressure side cleaners and robotic pool cleaners.

The suction side cleaner is used for all pool types. The suction side refers to the pipes and fittings that bring water out of the pool to be filtered. They then attach to the suction side of your plumbing. Usually this is the pool skimmer and you can attach the hose from the cleaner into the hole in the skimmer beneath the basket. Note that you should make sure that the hoses are long enough to cover the entire pool. You also want to make sure that the hoses are not following the flow pattern of the water in the pool to ensure that everything is getting as clean as possible.

Pressure side cleaners, also known as booster pump type cleaners, attach to the pressure side of your pool’s circulation system. These systems are helpful in distributing clean filtered water around the pool and having their own debris bag means that they don’t compromise the filter system by bring excess dirt into the pump basket and pool filter. Note here that if your pool cleaner gets stuck somewhere,  you can use one of the many available guards to prevent this from happening in all areas of the pool. Also, make sure that you do not have too much hose or else it will get tangled.

Lastly, the robot cleaner is self-contained and require low voltage. These cleaners are simply placed in the pool when there is a need for cleaning. Because they have this self-contained filter, it makes them the easiest to clean. They also do well with the pool coverage and speed. There are a newer type of this pool cleaner, known as a jet pool cleaner. These newer versions have a high flow and a simpler design with fewer parts.


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Pool Maintenance