The team at Treasure Pools handles everything from designing and constructing your dream pool, to providing a beautiful outdoor space and even maintaining your swimming pool once everything is complete. There are many questions an ever-changing things that come along with building and maintaining a swimming pool. Here we share three of the most common pool myths.

You have to maintain your chemicals more in the winter: MYTH
• As most of us South Floridians know, during the summertime there is more rain and sun. This means that homeowners need to use more chemicals and check theirs more often due to the heat causing evaporation and the rainwater diluting them.

People think that if they have a salt system that they do not necessarily think they ever have to put chemicals in their swimming pool: MYTH
• No system is chemical-free. Having newer or various systems such as a salt system or ozone system will cut back on how often you need to check and maintain your chemicals, but you will always have to add chemicals to keep things properly balanced.

If you have a chlorine pool, you must check your chemicals every day: MYTH
• You do not need to do this daily, however; you should check your chemicals every week. However, if you have a salt system, then you are able to check your chemicals monthly. If you have an ozone system on top of the salt system, then you can check your chemicals every other month!

These are just a few myths, so it is important to consult with you swimming pool provider first to get an expert’s opinion and advice. If you have any specific questions, contact Treasure Pools today to learn more.

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