With all of the new swimming pool technology out there, there is easily some confusion as to what is needed and what is not to maintain a perfect pool. One simple fact remains the same is that chlorine is needed in all swimming pools, no matter what form it comes in. There are different ways to make sure you pool has the proper amount of chlorine and here we go over the different facts vs. myths when it comes to chlorine in your swimming pool.

Chlorine is known in swimming pools to sanitize the water. It is a necessity and all pools must have some form of cholrine in order to ensure a chemically balanced and sanitized pool. However, here is where it gets a little tricky. For a salt-water swimming pool, you do not need to add additional chlorine. This is because you have a salt-water generator that turns the salt into chlorine for the pool. How much salt you put into your generator depends on the time of year and how the climate is. During the winter months when it is a colder climate, you only need to refill the salt every 3 months or so. During the warmer months like summer, you need to refill the chlorine every month. With a salt system, you still have complete control as to how much chlorine you put into your pool.

What about if you have an ozone swimming pool? Even when you have an ozone pool, you still need chlorine to keep the water sanitized. This is a common misconception, but we urge you to continue that chlorine intake to make sure that pool is kept in top shape.

It is important to remember that chlorine is just one part of maintaining your swimming pool. Make sure to check with your swimming pool provider to ensure that you are taking all proper steps to keeping your pool perfect!