There is always something new coming out or being improved. Craig Cohen shares that “now, swimming pools are a lot more safe today then they ever were”. This is possible due to the advances in technology and the continuous adjustments that the swimming pool community is making to better everyone. Legally effective as of 2011 in the state of Florida, a new law requires the use of two-speed or variable speed pool pumps on all 1HP or larger pool pump installations and pump replacements. Existing single-speed pumps will still be allowed to be used and repaired, but must be replaced by the more efficient models whenever they fail. Single speed 1/2 and 3/4 HP pumps are not affected by the new rules.

The rule also requires fewer turnover cycles (the frequency of all the water in your pool going through the pump) than previously required. The purposes of the changes are to reduce the energy consumption of pools – sort of like an increase in the MPG for operating your pool.

The variable speed pool pump is used to run multiple water features through various speeds whereas the two-speed is only used to run your water features on high-speed (therefore, homeowners will not save as much here). Craig Cohen of Treasure Pools and Services, Inc. let’s his customers know that you may be spending a little bit more out of pocket now, but when you look at your electricity bill at the end of the year, you will actually be saving money! He averages that homeowners can save around $500 a year on their electricity bill, if the pump is used properly. Not only are homeowners ‘going green’ with an investment like this, but they will end up saving some ‘green’ (money) in the end! Homeowners in South Florida have especially been switching over due to the year round pool usage. Payback time is only estimated to be around a year and a half and with a pool being a permanent investment; this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!

Owner of Treasure Pools Inc., Craig Cohen, says that he highly recommends using an energy saving pump to all of his clients and about 80% of his clients have already made the change. Make sure to contact him to receive more information about the new, improved qualities of this pump.