Building a swimming pool is a process. There are many moving parts and as the homeowner, it is important to do your preliminary research to ensure that you are first and foremost finding the right swimming pool builder to get the job done with the best quality products and in a timely manner. Here we review some of the important things to look at while you are choosing your swimming pool builder.

The most important aspect is trust. This is a big investment and you do not want to get financially taken advantage of. Make sure to ask and see the various updated licenses and any other necessary documents that make the company qualified pool builders. You should make sure that each builder has a contractor license from the state or county where you are building pools. In the case of Treasure Pools, they are certified with the state. Also, workers comp liability insurance is another important thing to make sure that each company has. Also, having a showroom is another important element that allows you to feel comfortable moving forward with a swimming pool builder. It also is important not only to view the different options as to what the builder is able to do for you, but also to spark creativity and showcase new ideas that you may not have thought of.

The better business bureau rates companies and this goes for swimming pool contractors as well. Make sure to see the positive and negative things that people have said about the company and what their ratings look like. Another very important element to discuss and review with your swimming pool contractor has to do with your contract. You want to make sure that there are no hidden fees or work that will arise in the future while the project is being completed. This could cause frustration when issues arise that were not expected. Of course there are certain issues that can arise, but your builder should be able to lay these out to you prior to signing a contract. Lastly, references are always important! Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of references in or around your area that can give you honest feedback from their own experiences with the swimming pool contractor.

We hope that these tips help to ensure that your swimming pool process is smooth and easy! Call Treasure Pools today to learn what makes us qualified in building your dream pool.

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