Technology is an ever-changing part of our society. There are many apps and programs that allow you to maintain and keep your pool up-to-date. One of our favorites at Treasure Pools and Services, Inc. is the Jandy®’s AquaLink®Touch™ technology. Jandy®’s AquaLink®Touch™ is a high-performance smart control system that delivers best-in-class functionality for all your outdoor automation needs. This powerful, intuitive device integrates premium design ingenuity, style, and functionality for the ultimate automation experience. This new technology literally gives you the power to control your entire backyard at your fingertips! The AquaLink®Touch™ has tons of features all packed into a sleek, lightweight frame.

You are able to streamline and control jets, lights, pool to spa switching, pump speed, temperature settings, water purification and so much more! This new device comes in a full color 7″ LCD touch screen and stylishly fits with any decor. Not only is this device convenient and stylish, but it is also cost efficient. Their Energy Savings Integrated Programming Automates operations and routine schedules to save pool owners up to 75% on their energy costs. That is a whole lot of savings in the long run! What is your favorite technology as a swimming pool owner!

Craig Cohen has explored all of the different technologies that Jandy®’s AquaLink® offers. They have so many great, efficient devices that enables total control of your pool and spa experience with ZERO hassle. All of this at the tip of your fingertips! For more information on Jandy®’s AquaLink®Touch™please visit,, and contact Craig Cohen to see if this product is the right fit for you or to learn about other features and devices!