Maybe you want a nice swimming pool, but do not have the yard space to support this? If this is the case, there are some ideas that may be an alternative option for you!

Nowadays, lap pools are not only for you pet dog. Apartment Therapy recently posted an article highlighting the trend of small space swimming pools AKA lap pools. These pools take up a fraction of the space compared to your traditional swimming pool. Also, don’t get your hopes down, according to Apartment Therapy, these pools have an elongated shape that is very modern and elegant. By taking up minimal space, you are able to focus on another area of your backyard by landscaping. By becoming creative with your amazing landscape, you are really able to provide yourself and your guests with the true, ‘ultimate’ experience. Lap pools allow room to exercise, to splash around and have a drink on a hot day (because isn’t that the whole reason to have a pool?), and you can still have a backyard. Now doesn’t this sound ideal?

For our active swimmers, you can also add in jets that will give you a great work out by providing your desired resistance for the perfect work out! Take a look at our previous blog to learn about how to stay fit with swimming. Resistance Swimming

Make sure to check out Apartment Therapy’s top lap pools here:

So yes, lap pools are the new luxury!