The Florida Swimming Pool Association sent a delegation to Tallahassee end of 2012 to spend time discussing many of the industry’s concerns and needs with members of both the state House and Senate. While they were not successful in 2012 in getting the Service Bill passed, Keith Johnson, FSPA President, feels confident that the proper groundwork was put in place for a much better result in the future.

FSPA has worked diligently for the last several years to do everything possible to combat unlicensed activity. Part of that equation is their members’ desire to see everyone in the industry licensed, as was required prior to 1993. Current pool service companies that are not licensed, but wish to become licensed, often have no viable avenue to meet the experience requirement that is currently in place with the Department of Business and Professional

Regulation (DBPR). The service license bill removes the experience requirement and replaces it with class time and hands‐on training. The bill also removes the cleaning and water treatment exemption so that everyone in our industry becomes more educated and properly licensed.

This issue is still a hot-button topic. The FSPA Service Council along with the FSPA Board approved a task force to determine how they convey their message, not only to the legislators but to FSPA members and the non licensed operators who have proliferated across the state. FSPA is putting a service license initiative for 2013 in full affect.

Treasure Pools and Services, Inc. ensures that they are fully registered and licensed. Make sure to check out FSPA’s list of all licensed contractors to ensure that you are receiving the proper work. Treasure Pools wants you to start off 2013 in the right way with the right contractor! For more information, please make sure to check out FSPA’s website: