Technology and swimming pools are a combination that you may not imagine together, but make the perfect match. At Treasure Pools, we are always looking for new ways to implement and showcase the latest technology to our clients. We’ve discussed many options and we still continue to keep an eye on what’s happening with various apps and programs that allow you to maintain and keep your pool up-to-date. One of our favorites at Treasure Pools and Services still remains to be the Jandy®‘s AquaLink®Touch technology. Jandy®‘s AquaLink®Touch is a high-performance smart control system that delivers best-in-class functionality for all your outdoor automation needs. This powerful, intuitive device integrates premium design ingenuity, style, and functionality for the ultimate automation experience. This new technology literally gives you the power to control your entire backyard at your fingertips! The AquaLink®Touch has tons of features all packed into a sleek, lightweight frame.

In terms of the newest, we are big fans of the latest in heating – and now cooling. Homeowners now have the option to install a gas heater that also cools. For those in South Florida, we know how great this can be during those extremely hot and humid days. Lastly, we are anticipating the release of the voice command control for swimming pools. We see this across the board with various platforms and even homes, but soon homeowners will be able to control their pool settings by voice.

Contact Treasure Pools to learn how to implement these new technologies into your new pool or add them to your existing pool.

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