At Treasure Pools, we do our best to make each and every client’s vision come to life. Most importantly, we know that every client has a different vision and not all pools should be done the same. Our team recently created the ideal backyard setting for a family in Delray Beach. Sometimes simple is better and in this case that proves to be correct! This homeowner had a specific budget in mind while really wanting to create a setting that his family could enjoy year-round.

his swimming pool was an addition to an existing home and was a simple 16 x 32. There were not a ton of extravagant features added, but they made sure to add the right things for their family! This included a variable speed pump and a salt system – two things we always recommend to our clients. Additionally, the family really wanted a nice deck so they went with a beautiful travertine option. Per special request of the children, they also made sure to add plenty of colored LED lighting options for the kids to enjoy!

You may not think that there is the option to add a swimming pool to your existing home, but there is usually a way. Come by our newly renovated showroom today to learn more about what your options are. Happy swimming!

Delray Beach Pool Builder