In South Florida, we are lucky to have warm weather year-round. There are definitely plenty of days when you can enjoy your swimming pool, but for us Floridians that are really used to those warmer waters we may not agree. Including or adding a pool heater with your swimming pool definitely is up to the homeowner’s discretion as it depends on many factors. The main factor is how often you swim. Many people swim for exercise and relaxation as well on a daily basis. If that is the case for you, then it may be recommended you add a pool heater. By adding the heater, this allows you the comfort to swim daily. For those that only swim on occasion, it may be best to not add a heater. There are other ways to keep your water warm during the cooler days such as using a swimming pool cover that traps some of the heat. Another thing to consider is that it does take a bit for a heater to actually warm up your swimming pool so it is important to be mindful of the size of the pool.

What heater is the right for you? There are two options that you can choose from – gas or electric pool heaters. An electric heater will run you around $4,500 while a gas heater will be a bit less, around $3,500. If you have a gas line you can use that runs through your house, then gas can be the way to go. However, majority of homeowners opt for electric. The gas heater can warm smaller bodies of water such as a spa quicker, but an electric heater can operate at a lower cost with better efficiency and easier maintenance.

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