In South Florida, we spend a lot of our time outdoors. Demand for this trend is continuously growing and we see this rise in the 2016 SOI Outdoor Living Report. Homeowners are steering away from traditional backyard settings and renovating, remodeling and making additions to their homes. Recent surveys conducted by Kleeber Associates and the American Institute of Architects, and design portfolios offered by HGTV and others, confirm the separation between indoor and outdoor living is blurring. More and more, consumers want their backyards to be an open template to extend their indoor living space.

As proven the same in many trends, millennials seem to be leading this charge. We note this distinction as many millennials are now becoming of age to become homeowners themselves. The recent study showcased that these millennial buyers are seeking homes with outdoor living areas that are already complete or containing areas that can be improved or remodeled. These individuals are wanting a seamless integration between the outdoor living space and indoor space. A lot of entertainment is additionally happening outdoors.

At Treasure Pools, we are able to offer a customizable package to fit your the ideal image of what you want in your own backyard. Many homes are including an outdoor kitchen, equipped with grills, a bar and even televisions all which tend to be controlled remotely. Previously, many homes included wooden fixtures and additions to your backyard, but now various materials that are more durable are more accessible to homeowners. Millennials also prefer to have maintenance-free options and this is much easier with the various material options. Lastly, we also see a trend in functionality amongst outdoor items and structures. Outdoor living manufacturers say infrared heating, lighting, fireplaces, outdoor flat-screen TVs and fans are popular add-ons to living space, all of which are better paired with composite structures. At Treasure Pools, we are also able to offer interactive 3-D drawings so that you can see what your outdoor living space will look like before you commit. Stop by our showroom today to learn more about what may be the best option for you and your new outdoor living space!

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