This question can be answered many ways. We truly believe that having the most seamless and transparent construction process ultimately ends with a gorgeous pool and happy homeowner. At Treasure Pools, we generally complete a project within 90 days. We do emphasis that this is dependent on a few factors that may be out of our control such as permitting or weather. However, our team is always available and is sure to keep you in the loop as your construction timeline may adjust or update.

It is also very important to work with a trusted provider to understand all aspects of your swimming pool and also help you stay within budget. Treasure Pools always does our best to explain everything in detail. Whether it is seeing if a the pump you selected may save you money in the long term or explaining to you an alternative and more cost-efficient options to the deck you are looking to install, our team is always there for you.

All of this also is showcased through our pay-as-you-go payment plan. This financing option allows homeowners to build their swimming pool when they are ready. This policy consists of an initial small deposit to cover engineering and permits costs, then the construction is divided into three phases. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment is requested until the job is completed! Treasure Pools has also partnered with Lyon Financial and to offer superior financing options.

Treasure Pools has been building superior swimming pools, waterfalls and water features in South Florida area for more than 25 years and is a long-time member in good standing with the South Florida Better Business Bureau. We have an extensive portfolio of swimming pool installations and delighted customers to prove we know what we’re doing, and we insist on delivering only the best finished product in Florida. Call now today to schedule an appointment for your free estimate on your new swimming pool or remodel.

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