When installing or upgrading your swimming pool there are many things to consider. There are now tons of new features that you can add to your pool in order to customize it to exactly what you want. Here we go over some of the most popular water feature options that Treasure Pools and Services offers.

First are laminar deck jets. These are LED color jets that come from the deck into the pool. They not only are very visually appealing, but can sync with the LED lights in the pool and/or spa as well as the color LED bubblers (if applicable).

Rock, spa or cascade waterfalls are all other great additions that a homeowner can do. To give these waterfalls an extra boost, you can also add fire to the mix in the form of something such as a fire pit. Another option for waterfalls is sheer descent. This is when you have a raised wall with a waterfall coming from underneath the coping. This style gives for a sleek visual and looks great over some gorgeous tile.

Lastly, bubblers go on the sun shelfs to give a shooting jet like visual coming from a higher elevated surface area in the pool.

In order to get a better understanding as to how these features would look in your pool, Craig Cohen owner of Treasure Pools, can create a virtual 3D drawing to show you exactly how any and all of these feature would look in your very own swimming pool. Everything can by synced together to give an incredibly seamless look to everything. There are also several new features that appear each year and our team will be sure to share any new technology that arises. Not only are these amazing water features available for your home, but the technology to control these features are endless. Everything can be done wirelessly through your iPad or phone. Call Treasure Pools today, 800-281-7946, to learn more.

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