Heading in the holiday season, you may not think it is completely feasible to add a swimming pool to your home for 2018. However, you may be wrong! With Treasure Pools pay-as-you-go finance options, a swimming pool may be more accessible than you think. Your next question may be asking how long it’ll take to actually complete your swimming pool construction? Treasure Pools guarantees construction to be complete within 8-10 weeks. Important to remember that this timeframe is for construction, other delays may occur.

The pay-as-you-go financing option allows homeowners to build their swimming pool when they are ready. In this case, if you get started now you are sure to have your swimming pool built and ready for a spring or summer full of fun! The financing policy consists of an initial small deposit to cover engineering and permits costs, then the construction is divided into three phases. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment is requested until the job is completed. Whichever way you decide to pay, completion of all Treasure Pools new pool installations is guaranteed within 10 weeks at the risk of penalties. If we can’t meet or beat our committed schedule, we pass on a discount directly to you.

Treasure Pools has been building superior swimming pools, waterfalls and water features in South Florida area for more than 25 years and is a longtime member in good standing with the South Florida Better Business Bureau. We have an extensive portfolio of swimming pool installations and delighted customers to prove we know what we are doing, and we insist on delivering only the best finished product in Florida. Schedule an appointment today to learn whether our financing option is right for you.

Delray Beach Swimming Pool Builder