As a homeowner, the first thing that you may think about when building a swimming pool is the shape and size of your pool. Let’s start with the basics. The standard swimming pool design that fits into most backyards if a square, 15×30 swimming pool with not additional features. When we say features, we are typically referring to spas, water features or even additional fire features. For a more custom design, homeowners can work on a custom shape that fits to their backyard. Treasure Pools will be sure to create an incredible design that makes the perfect addition to your home.

As for one of our most innovative design’s, Craig Cohen, owner of Treasure Pools, shares that this was with a lazy river style pool that included a waterfall slide and water canyons. The most spectacular thing about this design is that it was a part of a residential home! This design just shows that the possibilities are endless.

An infinity pool is another option that homeowners have fallen in love with. Also known as a vanishing edge, infinity pools are often used in homes that are near the water or have some sort of level change in their backyard. These swimming pools are stunning and really give that ‘wow’ factor. However, that ‘wow’ factor can sometimes be a little costly and these pools are. These swimming pools are definitely made to give off a beautiful look that really catches the eye.

Stop by the Treasure Pools showroom today to learn more and have one of our sales specialists create a virtual 3D drawing of your dream pool.

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Swimming Pool Design