When building a swimming pool, there are many options that you can choose from. One main addition that may stick out is incorporating a spa. Treasure Pools has proven expertise in all aspects of new pool construction and remodeling. Whether you want to repair, rebuild, add a spa, update your deck, upgrade your equipment or simply recoat with one of our superior refinishing processes, we do it all! When first deciding what you are going to incorporate into your pool, it is important to explore all options that fall within your budget. Treasure Pools pay-as-you-go option is a great option to help in this process and Craig, owner of Treasure Pools, will be sure to provide the best quality work and product for your final product.

When it comes to adding a spa, some may opt to add an attached above ground spa or hot tub, but there are quite a few benefits by adding an in-ground attached spa, especially during your new pool construction process. By adding an attached spa, it is connected to the existing pool’s water supply, filtration and heating system. This significantly reduces costs and help saves money in the long run. Another main advantage of an attached spa is the seamless design integration to your pool. A spa is a great focal point for your backyard and you can usually incorporate a spa by a spillover or a more naturalistic approach. Let’s face it, spas look great! Lastly, adding a spa also creates a new element to your pool that you and guests can enjoy. A spa is a more intimate environment that you and your loved ones can enjoy all year-round. Spas are also really great for relaxation.

For those that already have an existing pool, it is still just as easy to add a spa to your backyard. Call today to learn more about adding a spa to your dream backyard.