Summer is here and whether the kids are out of school or you’re taking some well needed time off, we urge you to get out and enjoy. As the temperatures are sure to stay up there, enjoying the swimming pool is better now more than ever. Fun games are always a way to get everyone involved. Here we share a few of our favorite pool games and hope that you’ll share yours!

  1. Mermaid Races – Also known as dolphins races and what really means ‘hold your breath and swim as far as you can’ race.
  2. Noodle Fights – Everyone loves noodles! Whether you are floating on them or not, jump on your favorite raft and try to knock each other off with pool noodles.
  3. Treasure Hunt – A newer take on when you used to fish out coins from the bottom of the pool. Adults can use any objects they’d like and make it as competitive as they want.
  4. F-I-S-H – this game is just like HORSE, but in the water. For FISH, you can play with a poolside basketball net. The first person to spell FISH loses.
  5. Marco Polo – always a classic. It’s basically tag in the water and no matter what your age is, you will be sure to enjoy this one!

Most importantly, enjoy your summer with your loved ones, take some time off and keep cool in your swimming pool.