The Eagles and The Patriots are set to go head-to-head on Super Bowl Sunday and we are here to help share some tips and tricks on how to enjoy the game while hosting the best pool party for all to enjoy!

For those that are looking to entertain guests during the year’s most anticipated football game, we have some suggestions. No need to be a football fan to host a great party. Start out by ensuring you have all your food and beverages chosen beforehand for guests to enjoy. Being able to utilize your outdoor kitchen for this is extremely helpful during those hectic times you are entertaining lots of guests during an event. This allows for you to be able to watch the game with your guests without running back and forth. There are also other engaging ways to ensure your guests have fun. For children, set up a designated area they can play their own football game – this could even be in the pool! For adults, get your football squares ready for some friendly competition. We all also know how exciting the commercials are, some may even enjoy more than the game, so be sure to all gather around and rate the commercials. To make it a bit more exciting you can have your guests rate their favorite and least favorite throughout and tally the scores at the end.

Last but not least, figure out a way that you can show the game live in the area in which your guests will congregate. You want to ensure that there is plenty of seating and also visibility to the TV.

Which team do you think will take the title this year? Share in the comments!