Set up a Movie Theater in your Backyard and watch the movie in your pool.

Summer is almost here, although many of us in South Florida are already feeling the heat! Every month we will be sharing some of our fun tips and ideas for entertaining in your backyard this summer. Movies are something that everyone can enjoy and why not take it outside?

Throw the ultimate backyard movie night with just a few of these quick tips! Watching a movie outdoors is all about the experience. There is sheer excitement of those watching (adults and kids alike) as the glow of the screen really sets the tone. There are some challenges, but nothing that is not doable! First you must have a projector. This truly helps reclaim that spirit of the drive-in movie theater that some of us once (or still do) enjoy. No need to spurge here, but grab a used one at a discounted price or check out sites like Amazon to see what one if in your budget. Next, you will need a media player to actually play the movie. Grab your laptop or Amazon Fire TV to get things going. Also, don’t forget the sound system. There are tons of speaker options that you can use depending on how many people you are entertaining or how large the space is. The screen is your final step for set up. For those that are more budget conscious, grab a blackout cloth or bed sheet to create your own screen! Make sure these sheets are wrinkle free and you are good to go. Purchasing an inflatable or fixed frame screen is also an option and can run you as little as $150.

Lastly, we encourage you to enjoy and invite the neighbors, friends and family over to truly enjoy this experience! Setting up your screen near your swimming pool is also a great idea to cool off during those warmer summer nights. Take a dip and watch a flick! What are some of your favorite movies to watch this summer?

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