Adding extra enhancements to your swimming pool is one way to give your backyard a nice refresh. At Treasure Pools and Services we are not short on ideas. Below are a few of our favorites.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen: By incorporating an outdoor kitchen, you are really able to recreate your outdoorspace by going the next step in entertaining and convenience. Throughout the process, everything is custom designed and made. With the outdoor kitchen area, it is the sure way to impress your guests, offer convenience to the homeowners and give you the all-around, perfect home environment. Your price point can vary depending on the products, materials and features that you choose to include in your dream outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Rock features: Let your inner designer take over and get creative. If you think it, we can probably make it happen. Rock features also add a very beautiful, natural feel. This gives your backyard some character. You can create custom waterfalls or even your very-own private grotto.

Rock Waterfall

  1. Water Features: There are several water options you can include, but our favorites are rock, spa or cascade waterfalls. To give these waterfalls an extra boost,  you can also add fire to the mix in the form of something such as a fire pit. Another option for waterfalls is sheer descent. This is when you have a raised wall with a waterfall coming from underneath the coping. This style gives for a sleek visual and looks great over some gorgeous tile. Another option are laminar deck jets. These are LED color jets that come from the deck into the pool. They not only are very visually appealing, but can sync with the LED lights in the pool and/or spa as well as the color LED bubblers (if applicable).
Pool Builder

Swimming Pool Design

  1. Infinity edges: (also known as vanishing edges) are a very great option for any type of home. They look amazing when done correctly and you will be sure to fall in love with this style. To the naked eye, it is an incredible view from in or out of the swimming pool.

  1. Mosaics: Whether you enjoy beautiful fish, tiny sea shells or even an extravagant landscape, there is a designthat will best suit you. The best part is that they are custom, so they can create whatever vision you have in mind! Treasure Pools specifically works with Custom Mosaics, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality porcelain and ceramic tiles and high performance Aqua Decals.

Treasure Pools takes each project and creates a comfortable outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each customer and home environment. Call today to learn more.