Summer is here, the heat is strong and kids are out of school. Summer is always full of vacations, summer camp and of course enjoyable family time. This summer, you don’t need a reason to throw a pool party, especially when there are kids involved. Whether a birthday party, holiday or get together, we have some great ideas for you.

One way to ensure that party planning is made easy is by installing your outdoor kitchen! Transform your deck or patio into an entertainment hub by adding an outdoor kitchen in your design process or to your already built swimming pool. Treasure Pools takes each project and creates a comfortable outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each customer and home environment. In South Florida, it is great to always be able to enjoy being outside and with your own outdoor kitchen you have the ability to entertain with cocktails, food and beverages poolside during a party or even just for a intimate family dinner.

Another fun idea is to have all the kids over for a day off outdoor pool games! Whether it be Marco Polo, diving to collect toys or even pool volleyball, there is always something for all ages. Each kid can bring their favorite game or idea with them, which is sure to result in endless possibilities and fun. Most importantly, we hope that everyone enjoys their summer!


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