Holiday time is upon us and homeowners are sure to embrace this amazing weather and head outside for some entertaining. At Treasure Pools, we love spending the holidays with our loved ones in the comfort of our backyard. With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, we enjoy some of our favorite traditions that happen at your home. Enjoying your swimming pool all year-round is a one of the great benefits of living in South Florida. Here we share a few tips on how to bring the holidays to your backyard.

One easy way to utilize your swimming pool with various holiday themes is by installing color-themed lights. This installation is easy and sure to light up your whole night! For Christmas, try green and red or for Hanukkah try white and blue. If you wish to take this a step further or try another route with the lights, try changing out the lighting around your pool with these vibrant colors!

A fire pit also adds a romantic atmosphere to the pool area – you can appreciate the chill of the season while anticipating the fun your pool will offer in spring. Roast marshmallows, revisit lovely family memories, and make plans for fun family times in the very place in which great memories are made. This truly brings being home for the holidays to life and is a way to ensure that all guests feel at home and welcome.

Lastly, if you are having a party during this time, make sure to be creative and fun with your holiday decorations. Bring your favorite holiday to life with various temporary decorations such a turkey, snowman or menorahs that your guests can enjoy. Although we may not experience snow in Florida, add some fake snow for that classic white look. Remember, the holidays are a feeling!