With Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby upon us, this weekend is sure to be a fun one! Homeowners can rejoice as it is also the perfect time to throw a fun, themed party. In South Florida, the weather is hot and it is the perfect time to entertain outdoors. When it comes to a good theme party, there are a few key things to remember.

  1. Decorations. There is no denying that these holidays are festive and colorful. Decorate the backyard or pool with various lanterns, floating or standing, balloons, streamers or any other fun DIY project you come across.


  1. Dress for the party. As the host(s) it is important to enforce the theme with a themed outfit. You can go as little or big as you’d like, but dressing for the party is a great way to engage with guests.


  1. Music. When it comes to music outdoors, Treasure Pools can help incorporate the best outdoor sound system to your swimming pool. By curating the right music, the theme stays alive throughout the entire party and you will be sure to keep guests on their feet!


  1. Food and beverages. This is our favorite, and probably most important component. It’s also another way to play up the theme, whether it be tacos for Cinco de Mayo or a Mint Julep for the Kentucky Derby. Treasure Pools can help ensure this with their outdoor kitchens. Nothing makes hosting a party easier, than to have your own custom outdoor kitchen. The options are endless here and we urge you to come by our showroom today to learn more.


  1. Entertainment. For some added fun, set up some interactive games, in or out of the pool, along with possible live entertainment with a band or other component such as a taco-eating contest! Fun prizes or acknowledgments are great for guests of all ages.

Most importantly, stay safe and enjoy the fun-filled weekend with your friends and family!

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