Aesthetically, a great pool design is left up to person taste and preference. This is certainly an important component as we want to ensure that your final product is a gorgeous swimming pool that you love looking at! At Treasure Pools, our first step is to have one of our specialized team members sit down with you to truly understand what your wants and needs are and what is doable within any limitations that may be. Once we think we have this fully understood, your Treasure Pools representative will go ahead and create a unique 3D drawing to really help show you what the final product will look like. This is always a great and important step so that you are more at ease when moving forward.

Another important component is understanding that your representative is showing you the latest and greatest. Our team always reminds completely up-to-date on the latest technology and all that comes with design. For example, one design that our team happens to love is an overflow pool or infinity edge pool. This design has become quite popular and for good reasons. This type of design allows the water to flow to the top of the pool and then goes just underneath the deck and looks as though the pool is actually a part of the ground. These swimming pools are stunning and offer a fabulous view. These pools are typically used where there is a change in the ground level to really show the effect. These pools will make you want to swim forever and are customizable to your backyard layout.

Overflow pool

Another great design aspect can be the combination of water and fire, right in your swimming pool. One way to make this dream a reality is by creating columns that have fire bowls directly in the pool. You can create these beautiful columns with brick, rock or any other material that you desire. Fire and water show a true contrast and offer a beautiful view for guests inside or outside the pool.


Lastly, the most important aspect behind a great pool design is a great team and that is what you are sure to find at Treasure Pools. Come by our showroom today or call and set up a free consultation to learn how you can become apart of our continuously growing family!