There are all types of ways to create gorgeous swimming pools in a idyllic backyard. One of our favorites has to be the vanishing edge pool. This design is a great option for any type of home. They look amazing when done correctly and you will be sure to fall in love with this style. To the naked eye, it is an incredible view from in or out of the swimming pool. An infinity pool, as some may call it, are often used in homes that are near the water or have some sort of level change in their backyard. These swimming pools are definitely made to give off a beautiful look that really catches the eye.

As these pools can be more costly than your traditional swimming pool, one cost-saving factor to these infinity pools is the pump system you use. Our trusted team at Treasure Pools shares that a two-pump system is the best route to take. Also, there is a lot of evaporation that happens with these pools that homeowners don’t even necessarily know or think about. In order to assure that this doesn’t happen, which is why it is also recommended to put in an auto fill. This auto fill will automatically make sure that your water level is always correct and accurate without you having to do physically do anything or always be on the look out. This really cuts back on your maintenance. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Treasure Pools is certified in building and remodeling these sort of swimming pools. The installation is a little tricky, but our team ensures that his company knows the ins and outs of these pools. There are also many aesthetic features that homeowners tend to do also. For example, putting a glass tile finish over the infinity edge gives off a real smooth vanishing look. It is simply breathtaking to see this crystal clear vanishing edge drop off into another body of water or piece of land. Come by our showroom today to see if this is the best pool design for you.

Vanishing Edge Pool