The way that you design your pool includes many factors. What your personal style is, the amount of space your backyard offers, budget and so on. As we head into the new year and you may be contemplating a new swimming pool and we like to ensure our clients that the process at Treasure Pools is completely customizable and we truly work to create something for you to enjoy.

One area we recognize homeowners paying quite a bit of attention to is ensuring the the pool and backyard area create the right ambience. There is a lot more to consider than just a shape and size. You want to create a functional, well-designed backyard living space. Luckily, in South Florida we are able to enjoy the outdoors year-round, so we want to help be sure that this is an area you really love. Creating the right ambience can be from anything to adding in functional options such as an outdoor kitchen or designing the right landscape to match the space.

As we see many homeowners look to transform their home into a more resort style setting, sun shelves and tanning ledges are one way to do so. These flat, shallow areas in the pool are excellent for adults to sun bath in or children to play in without getting too hot. Fire features are also an added design component that we don’t see going anywhere. Whether it’s a cozy fire pit or a blazing fire bowl, these are some really great features to set your pool apart. If fire is not a route you are looking to go then advanced LED lighting can really help set the ambience. There are now so many energy efficient options, therefore consuming less power and yet still illuminate just as much.

These are only a few of the design options that we see homeowners enjoying. However, if you are interested in bringing in the new year with a new pool then set up a complimentary consultation with one of our sales team members and see what Treasure Pools can do for you.