There are may things that a homeowner needs to consider when building a new pool. The backyard space or what aspects of a pool will you truly enjoy, amongst other things. The design of your swimming pool is completely up to you now and there are so many different advancements that you may not be aware of. Right now has never been a better time. We urge you to come by our showroom or set up a consult with a team member at Treasure Pools and Services Inc. and see how you can make this dream come true.

One the the main designs components we encourage homeowners to incorporate in their process are eco-friendly options. What little changes can you make to be more eco-friendly? You will note this with the various heating options or in which pump you decide to go with.

Another is how you will incorporate the outdoor design into your deck. There are so many options depending on your personal taste, style, budget and even can match how eco-friendly you choose to be. The most popular deck used now is a travertine marble. This is very cost-efficient and looks beautiful. Treasure Pools typically uses a natural marble from Turkey that guarantees no cracks and has exquisite color choices for clients to choose from. Craig Cohen, owner of Treasure Pools, thinks that this is the best thing out there right now and majority of his clients seem to agree. This marble really can turn your swimming pool into a sanctuary and guests will love the natural finishes that it gives off.

For more on what pool design components to consider, stop by our showroom today! Or call us for a consultation! 561-793-1550.


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