2018 is here and we’re ready to bring in the new year with some great tips and trends. Here we share some of our favorite trends that we don’t see going anywhere and some new ones that we see taking off.

Sanitation systems are constantly evolving and this year we think it’s all about the Ozonator. Ozone is a great option to help sanitize the pool, which being an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine. Ozone does almost exactly what chlorine does, but typically way better! These systems are said to be smaller, more efficient and produce more sanitizing power. All these factors have contributed to make these systems more attractive to homeowners.You may not be able to completely remove chlorine, but you can see up to 90 percent in drastic reductions.

Although landscaping is definitely not new, we definitely love this aspect of your backyard. By adding in and revamping existing landscaping, you create more than just a great pool – you create a complete tropical oasis near and around your swimming pool. Talk to your provider to ensure that the landscaping you are adding can withstand intense sun and higher humidity levels along with the maintenance level you are comfortable with.

Sun shelves and built in ledges are also trends that we don’t see going anywhere. In Florida, sometimes just relaxing in the water to cool down on those hot days is all your looking for. These flat shallow ledges are not only great for relaxing, but are great for young children to play on.

Technology! We all know this is going to continue growing in all areas and the same goes for your swimming pool. Automation systems allow for smart home technologies to completely control your swimming pool. Control temperature, audio, lighting, cleaning remotely and so many more things are available simply from the touch of a button to your smartphone. Good news is that maintaining a pool has never been so easy!

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