When designing your new swimming pool, there are so many things to keep in mind. One of the main components to consider is the space of your backyard area. Treasure Pools works with you to create a completely customizable pool to fit into your backyard space. However, if an in-ground swimming pool is not an option due to limited space, then there are other paths a homeowner can take!

One trend that we have seen over the years is with lap pools or also known as small space swimming pools. These pools take up a fraction of the space compared to your traditional swimming pool. These pools typically have an elongated shape that is very modern and elegant. By taking up minimal space, you are able to focus on another area of your backyard by landscaping. By becoming creative with your amazing landscape, you are really able to provide yourself and your guests with the true, ‘ultimate’ experience. Lap pools allow room to exercise, to splash around and have a drink on a hot day.

Another smaller option that Treasure Pools can help you with is the addition of a spa or hot tub for those nights that you just want to relax and unwind. Spas or hot tubs can be customized to fit your own style and desires. Although you cannot ‘swim’ around, it still is completely enjoyable. The average spa/hot tub is seven feet in diameter and a conventional pool is 18 x 36 feet

Smaller pools are also typically built simply to be enjoyed and looked at. They can help establish a theme in the landscape and set a mood. A small pool can become the focal point in a yard. Water has an effect on the senses. Just looking at it has a calming influence on many people, while others get a special feeling by listening to it. And who doesn’t like to dip their hands or feet into a clean pool?

Still not sure what the right option is for you? Come by our showroom today to learn more about how to customize your space – big or small!


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