Your pool deck and patio area are an essential part of your backyard landscape. This area typically defines how you spend your time outdoors and reflects a lot of your personal taste. The patio area is used for a variety of purposes such as where you host your guests, the area in which you can relax by the pool or your favorite place to cook out. Here we include some of the various deck options that homeowners can enjoy!

  1. Sun Deck – this is an area that is typically simply designed and where guests can relax and take in the South Florida sunshine! You can explore different materials for your deck whether it be marble or pavers, there are tons of options that are sure to fit into your budget.


  1. Outdoor Kitchen – Amongst your patio area, incorporating an outdoor kitchen is a really unique way to enjoy entertaining and cooking right in your backyard. Include a top of the line grill, rotisserie, sink area or even your very own wine cooler. This makes it extremely easy to host your friends and family all year round.


  1. Covered Patio – In South Florida, the sun and heat can be pretty brutal so it is important to not only wear your sunscreen and SPF but also important to take a break from the sun once in a while. If you include a covered patio area it’s not only good to shade yourself, but it also offers a good area for children, elderly people or anyone looking to cool off.


  1. Backyard Oasis – This simply means including whatever you’d like that allows you to enjoy your backyard as much as possible! The ultimate poolside living area can include rock areas, multiple places for seating and lounging, waterfalls and more!


  1. Flora and Fauna – this is another alternative to really encompass the pools natural setting. Depending where you backyard is set, you may have already-existing flora and fauna that you can include or you can add in any landscaping to create this space.

Luckily, in South Florida we are able to enjoy the backyard year round so at Treasure Pools we want to make sure that this is an area you and your guests are sure to always enjoy!

Pool Deck and Outdoor Kitchen