When it comes to designing your ideal backyard, your deck is a big part of that decision. There are several options to go with, although you may not realize! Decks have come a long way. Deck options vary based on your personal taste, style and budget. There are also several more options available to homeowners that are sustainable.

One of the most popular options for decks are travertine marble. This material is cost-efficient and truly offers a gorgeous finish. Treasure Pools typically uses a natural marble from Turkey that guarantees no cracks and has exquisite color choices for clients to choose from. The Treasure Pools team really love this material and clients seem to agree. This marble really can turn your swimming pool into a sanctuary and guests will love the natural finishes that it gives off.

On the other hand, pavers are still a go-to option for some homeowners as well. This option is sought after for those looking for a simple option. However, it is important to note that it doesn’t save you that much more money than marble – for those really looking for the most cost-efficient option. Many homeowners really feel that you are getting more of a value for the marble, so that is what is generally recommended. It is important to note that concrete is also becoming more and more absolute. This is due to the high cost increase seen amongst this material along with the issue of the material cracking–this doesn’t make for a happy homeowner. These deck options are some, but not all, so it is important to consult with your contractor directly.

Aside from deck designs, there are options for your swimming pool as well such as with custom mosaics that can compliment your deck nicely. These designs can also tie into the design of your deck to create a seamlessly beautiful backyard swimming pool area. We offer custom options to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Stop by our showroom today to see which deck is the best for you!