When it comes to designing your own swimming pool, there are many ways homeowners can create their own luxury. During the design process, it is important to know what elements you require and what additions you can make to really elevate your design. There are tons of options that you can explore and my not even be aware of. Our team of designers are here to show you the possibilities that can become your reality.

When it comes to luxury design, one option that our team happens to love is an overflow pool or infinity edge pool. This design has become quite popular and for good reasons. This type of design allows the water to flow to the top of the pool and then goes just underneath the deck and looks as though the pool is actually a part of the ground. These swimming pools are stunning and offer a fabulous view. These pools will make you want to swim forever and are customizable to your backyard layout. Materials can vary based off price point.

Another great design aspect to elevate your backyard is by combining the elements of water and fire, directly in your swimming pool. One way you can do this is by creating columns that have fire bowls directly in the pool. You can create these beautiful columns with brick, rock or any other material. Fire and water show a true contrast and offer a beautiful view for guests inside or outside the pool.

When it comes to additions, we think an outdoor kitchen really brings everything together! Treasure Pools creates customizable kitchens to fit exactly what you need and want. Some of the luxury features that homeowners can choose from are sinks, top-of-the-line gas grills, bars, wine cooler, refrigerator, infrared technologies, along with various countertop and bar stool options. For those that prefer to be on the grill, all of the grills that Treasure Pools offers are completely customizable as well.

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