There are many ways to accommodate a smaller backyard area. Treasure Pools specializes in customizable service that allows the ability to find something for every homeowner. Not only does that include a swimming pool, but also includes the ability to maximize space with your entire outdoor area including outdoor kitchens, water features, etc.

One route to take is with a lap pool. This elegantly slender-shaped pool can be good to take a dip and cool off in during the hot summer months or simply relax in year round. If you are an active swimming, you can easier install jets for resistance with swimming. Whether this pool is the right one for you or not, one thing is sure – these pools are definitely making a comeback!

As previously mentioned, one other way to transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining hub is by adding an outdoor kitchen. This can be easily added during your design process or added to an already-existing swimming pool. Craig Cohen ensures top quality products with the best installation and creation process! Treasure Pools takes each project and creates a comfortable outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each customer and home environment. In South Florida, it is great to always be able to enjoy being outside and with your own outdoor kitchen you have the ability to entertain with cocktails, food and beverages poolside during a party or even just for a intimate family dinner.

Some pools — usually smaller pools — are built simply to be enjoyed and looked at. They can help establish a theme in the landscape and set a mood. A small pool can become the focal point in a yard. Water has an effect on the senses. Just looking at it has a calming influence on many people, while others get a special feeling by listening to it.

If none of the above seem to be a fit for you, then it may be time to add a spa! Come by the Treasure Pools showroom today to learn more about how to maximize your backyard space.

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