Summer is here and cooling down in your swimming pool is our favorite way to enjoy these couple of months. Pool accessories can be a big part of your enjoyment. For those homeowners that already have a swimming pool or if we are building a new pool with us,  here we discuss a few of the finishing touches you can add to your backyard to make it your own personalized oasis.

One way to transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining hub is by adding an outdoor kitchen. This can be easily added during your design process or added to an already-existing swimming pool. Craig Cohen ensures top quality products with the best installation and creation process. Treasure Pools takes each project and creates a comfortable outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each customer and home environment. An outdoor kitchen provides great convenience but allowing you to have the ability to entertain with food and beverages poolside during a party or even just for a intimate family dinner.

For a totally different look and feel to your swimming pool, add a fire pit. You can either add this to the backyard space or even within the pool itself. One way to do so is by creating columns that have fire bowls. You can create these beautiful columns with brick, rock or any other material that you desire. Fire and water show a true contrast and offer a beautiful view for guests inside or outside the pool. Visit our website to see some of our latest work and you can also view client testimonials!

Lastly, our final touches include ensuring that you have the right furniture to provide top comfort to you and your guests at all times! Come by our showroom today to learn more and see some great examples of how we can help transform your backyard.