Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. Many factors play into what type of pool you ultimately end up getting and here we discuss the difference of two popular high-end options: the vanishing edge and the perimeter pool designs. A vanishing pool is one option that homeowners have fallen in love with for many years. Also known as an infinity pool, these pools are often used in homes that are near the water or have some sort of level change in their backyard. These swimming pools are stunning and really give that ‘wow’ factor. However, that ‘wow’ factor can sometimes be a little costly and these pools are. These pools are definitely made to give off a beautiful look that really catches the eye.

Another design that is similar in look and cost is the perimeter-overflow pool. This is similar to an infinity-edge, but has some differences and it often seen in contemporary designed homes. The perimeter pool allows for the water’s surface to look like glass or a mirror and appears to be perfectly contained without walls. This effect happens as the water flows over the pools edge around the entire perimeter of the pool and collectively goes into a tank where it is then continuously pushed back out and recycled throughout the pool. The reflective nature of this pool is given off a reflective surface by the constant flow of water over the pools edge. These types of pools are ground level giving it access for a level grate, but it can also be set at a bit of an elevation.

Craig Cohen, owner of Treasure Pools, shares that both of these designs are two of his favorites. Although quite costly, the look at these types of pools are truly incredible and unique!  To see how this pool design may work with your backyard design, set up a free consultation with one of our qualified sales members today.

Vanishing Pool and Perimeter Pool